There were some really great words used during the Trump Presidency. Fantastic words. Words like you’ve never seen before. But the greatest word was:


...used 1,981 times in 7,964 likely tweets by our worst ever President, @realDonaldTrump.
All time from January 20, 2017 until January 20, 2021

Runners up were:   People 1,155   News 947   Fake 903   Big 868   Democrats 820

What we did during the presidency of @realDonaldTrump?

We analyzed words he tweeted, enemies he called out, nicknames he used, and all other kind of ridiculousness. It was our goal to highlight the insane communication style of the leader of the free world, however, it also was also our way of coping.

The greatest words never go out of style.

Above are the top words that we think Donald Trump actually tweeted, himself during his presidency. Using an algorithm that started with a simple Naive Bayes classifier and grew into a mixture of gradient boosting and random forests, we attempted to separate out the tweets we thought Donald Trump was actually tweeting, himself, from those likely posted by his staff.

How often did he tweet? Week-by-week numbers.

We kept track of weekly numbers for both likely Trump tweets and likely Staff tweets during his presidency and stored all the data in an ElasticSearch instance with a bunch of charts and graphs. Weekly tweet counts grew significantly during his term to a high point of 326 total tweets the week of October 26, 2020 (more than 46 tweets per day).

Keep your friends close... and your enemies in Tweets.

Trump tweeted about people a lot. He hated a lot of people. There are some of the most popular that we tracked and totaled during his presidency. Sadly, Ted Cruz could barely even make this list with only 10 mentions in four years.

Statistics and features that we wasted time on.

At one point, we had a set of up-to-the-minute dashboards online for people to enjoy, along with a regular set of features and charts posted on our blog. Feel free to look through what we have kept online and enjoy.

Update schedule for regular Trump features:

Feature Name Description Update Schedule
Trump Haiku A haiku using only words likely tweeted by Donald Tump, written by a computer (using a Markovian algorithm). The first of each month
Trump Word of the Week The top words used in tweets likely from Donald Trump in the previous week, with weekly stats (this page). Every Monday at noon
Trump Enemies Number of mentions Donald Trump makes of each of his key enemies in tweets each week. Every Wednesday at noon
Trump Time Average time of Donald Trump's first tweet each week, along with times of his earliest tweet each day. Every Friday at noon
Nicknames The top nicknames used by Donald Trump each week on Twitter. Every Sunday at noon

About this site

Donald Trump famously said in late 2016, "I know words, I have the best words." This site's goal was to analyze his word use on Twitter, and we did that, and it's over. Thankfully.

Thank you for your support and interest, and feel free to reach out with any questions over email: